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The GETSET Model

​Over many years, Dr Meredith Belbin closely studied people at work. From his research, he discovered 9 key behaviours: that’s 9 different ways of working and contributing to a team or organisation. He called them Team Roles. Each one has plus points (the strengths) and minus points (the allowable weaknesses). It is usual to have both the strength and the allowable weakness for a particular role. 


Strengths: Creative, imaginative and original. Solves difficult problems.

Allowable Weaknesses: Can ignore other considerations and be too busy with new ideas to communicate effectively.


Strengths: Works well with others, is perceptive and diplomatic. Listens well and avoids friction.

Allowable Weaknesses: Can be indecisive in important situations.


Strengths: Efficient and likes structured working. Turns ideas into practical actions.

Allowable Weaknesses: Doesn't like change and can be inflexible. 

Resource Investigator

Strengths: Enthusiastic and communicative. Explores opportunities and enjoys meeting new people.

Allowable Weaknesses: Can be over-optimistic, then lose interest once initial enthusiasm has passed.

Monitor Evaluator

Strengths: Weighs and balances all options without emotion. Judges accurately.

Allowable Weaknesses: Can lack drive and ability to inspire others. 

Completer Finisher

Strengths: Searches out and corrects mistakes. Ensures work is done to a high standard and points out omissions. 

Allowable Weaknesses: Inclined to worry and become anxious. Doesn't like to share work with others.


Strengths: Mature and confident. Aware of priorities. Encourages others.

Allowable Weaknesses: Can ask others to do things that they should do themselves.


Strengths: Competitive, enjoys working under pressure. Motivated to overcome difficulties.

Allowable Weaknesses: Can be impatient and offend other people.


Strengths: Dedicated to a particular subject. Provides knowledge and skills that others do not possess.

Allowable Weaknesses: Contributes only on a narrow front. Dwells on technicalities.




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