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Belbin Singapore

Philip Merry Consulting Group

About PMCG

PMCG (Philip Merry Consulting Group Pte Ltd) is a Singapore Global Leadership Consulting
Company and we are leading global experts in:


  • Synchronicity, Intuition and Leadership

  • Whole-Hearted Quantum Leadership

  • Whole-Hearted Quantum Teams

  • Global Cultural Intelligence

Our Mission

We Work with Whole-Hearted Quantum
Leaders and  Whole-Hearted Quantum
Teams to Create Synchronistic Miracles,
that help Build Partnership, Peace and Prosperity

between Cultures

Our programs are based on the principle that the role of the whole-hearted leader and the team is to set a stage where “synchronistic miracles” can occur and where people can become their best authentic self.

Head Office: Level 58, Republic Plaza, 9 Raffles Place. Singapore 048619


T: (65) 6823 1250 F: (65) 6755 4151

Registration Number# 199700812Z

Philip Merry


CEO - Philip Merry Consulting Group, Belbin Singapore

Philip Merry has lived in Singapore for 27 years and has been Singapore's sole Belbin Representative for 20 years. He has trained 1000’s of Singaporeans as well as delivered workshops in 59 countries. 


Philip is a CSPGlobal – one of only 29 people in the world to be recognised with this prestigious global speakers award by the Global Speaker’s Federation. Organiser of Singapore’s first happiness conference Philip is a cross‐cultural global leadership specialist and has delivered workshops for 37 years in 59 countries with some of the world’s leading organisations. Focusing on personal development for leaders he is an expert on how culture and personality clashes can eat away at personal and team effectiveness. A certified marriage/family therapist, hypnotherapist, coach as well as a trainer/consultant, he is comfortable in dealing with difficult psychological and interpersonal issues.

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