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Discover Your Authentic Self

Millennial Edition 

Are you in a job in which you have no interest ? 
Are you in a job of your parents choosing ?
Do you know what you want to do with your life ?
Do you know who you truly are ?

Are you living your AUTHENTIC SELF ? 


If any of the above feels like questions you've been having, then this workshop is for YOU!

Many of us Millennials are so consumed by what is expected of us that we end up doing things that aren’t what we want. So often we begin a job without thinking if it fits our strengths or whether it is something we are passionate about. As a result, many of us become disengaged and unhappy with where we are when things begin to go wrong. If you notice, many experienced working adults soldier on in their jobs often for years without fully achieving joy, happiness or excellence at work. The reason for this? Because their role at work doesn’t fit their natural style and God-given talents AND because they have not thought about their AUTHENTIC WHY. By AUTHENTIC WHY we mean that unique sense of purpose that gets you out of bed each morning and is the WHY of your life.


  • What made you who you are today: assessment of life influences

  • What is authenticity and how does it link to your AUTHENTIC WHY ?

  • Receive a Personal 360 profile to get clear on how do others see you ?

  • Clarify understanding of how to live your AUTHENTIC WHY

  • Understand what your AUTHENTIC WHY means for study and career choices

  • Discover the role of Synchronicity and Inuition in finding your AUTHENTIC WHY

  • Develop an AUTHENTIC WHY Plan


  • Clarity on the different types of life influences that have made you who

  • Identify the values you've learnt from your experiences

  • Determine which values you want to keep in your life

  • Discover what are your Natural Strengths - Online GetSet Profile (to be done before the workshop)

  • Complete a Self-perception survey

  • Get 6 Observers to complete a survey about you

  • Discover your Authentic self and your AUTHENTIC WHY

  • Learn how to apply these strengths to your job and your personal life

  • Plan your journey to a Fulfilling Life by living your AUTHENTIC WHY



Workshop method will be experiential, interactive, responsive and practical and include: creative learning exercises, group discussions and exercises, individual reflection and self assessment, behavioural feedback from facilitator and peers, short theory inputs. The workshop is designed to enable participants to understand how they view themselves, others perceive them, and master new skills so that they can transfer the learning directly to improving effectiveness in life and work.


  • Students  who are not sure about higher education choices

  • Students who are about to onboard the workforce

  • Millennials who want to understand themselves better

  • Millennials who want to discover their Unique Strengths

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