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Discover Your Authentic Self

Millennial Edition - (Full Day)

Are you struggling to understand who you truly are?

Do you know what are your Values and Beliefs?

Have you discovered your Natural Strengths?

Are you being AUTHENTIC?



If any of the above feels like questions you've been having, then this workshop is for YOU!

Many of us Millennials are so consumed by what is expected of us that we end up doing things that aren't necessarily best for ourselves. 

Some of us are in jobs which we have no interest in. 
Some of us are in jobs just to pay the bills. 
Some of us are only doing things that our parents want us to be doing.
Some of us don't know what we want to do with our lives.
Some of us don't even know who we truly are. 

While it is true that some of these points are good enough reasons to take up any available job, we should also be aware that this will not be beneficial for us in the long-run. 

So often we begin a job without thinking if it fits our strengths or whether it is something we are passionate about. As a result, many become disengaged and unhappy with where they are at when things begin to go wrong. If you notice, many experienced working adults soldier on in their jobs often for years without fully achieving joy, happiness or excellence at work. 

The reason for this? Because their role at work does not fit their natural style and god-given talents. 


In this life changing workshop, we will:


  • Look at the types of influences you've had in your life

  • Find out what values you've learnt from your experiences

  • Determine which values you want to keep in your life

  • Discover what are your Natural Strengths

  • Learn how to apply these strengths to your job and your personal life

  • Plan your journey to a Fulfilling Life

Important Course Information


  • Online GetSet Profile (to be done before the workshop)
    • Complete a self-perception survey

    • Get 6 observers to complete a survey about you

    • Information will be sent once you've signed up

  • Coffee-break snacks and Lunch will be included 



    • Introduction

    • What is Authenticity?

    • Identify your Authentic Values?

    • Discover your Natural Strengths - Belbin GETSET Profile

    • Planning your ideal future

What is the DIFFERENCE between the

Half-Day and Full-Day Programme?

  • In depth discussions about Authenticity

  • Practice showcasing your Strengths

  • How to use GETSET for Teams

  • Situational Role-play for Interviewing Process

  • Experience Official Belbin Games and Tools

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