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Need to understand your Strengths and Weaknesses ?

Transitioning from School to Work ?

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Career & Strength Profiling 

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Key Skills from GetSet

GetSet is a simple but effective way of helping students make the change from education to the world of work. It helps students / youth to Discover their Strengths, build Effective Communication Skills, and Plan their Career. 

Discover Your

Using the 360° Belbin profiling tool,

discover your Strengths based on your own perception and of those around you to find out the "truth" about who you really are.

Build Effective Communication Skills

Learn how you can best contribute to a team by communicating effectively with your peers, managers and everyone around you.  


Plan your steps to achieve the career of your dreams by understanding your strengths, learning how to showcase them in interviews, and identifying the areas needed to improve in order to attain it.

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GetSet for Students and Educators
For Students


helps in outlining the strengths and key contributions of students to increase their self-awareness and set them off on a firm footing for their academic careers. Introducing the concepts of teamwork and peer review assists with group-based learning and builds on key skills.

GetSet is also an invaluable resource for preparing University application forms. Along with comprehensive advice and guidance, the report is set in a workbook that comprises key points and questions designed to help formulate a personal summary.

For those applying for apprenticeships or work placements, GetSet gets students thinking about what they can contribute in the world of work and how to operate successfully within a team. It describes their preferred working styles and how to show others what they have to offer, so that they’re engaged in the work they’re doing and able to get the most out of their placement.

For Educators



offers a unique opportunity to understand the behavioural needs and contributions of individual students and provides a crucial resource in their social and personal development. By understanding the learning styles of the students and helping them understand how they can best contribute to teams, it creates a strong platform for the students to have as they embark on their educational / career journey. 


Start your students speaking the language of business


Belbin is renowned and respected in many organisations worldwide, so using the language of Belbin, through GetSet, gives your students an entry-point in the world of work. A GetSet report can help potential employers to see how an applicant might fit into their team, or the strengths they might be able to bring to a job.

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Want to find out more about how Belbin GetSet can help you?

Book a slot with us and we'd love to share more with you. 

“The new [GetSet] report seems to talk to the students, asking questions and giving clear answers that show how such a test is important , what the results mean, how these results can help them in interviews, on a personal, social basis, and why thinking, reflecting, and even tracking the development of these roles is important. [The report] shows the relevancy of the test and the results to students’ future success in the social as well as the workplace.”

– Communications Professor, American University of Sharjah

Career Guidance and Inspiration

Here’s a few ways GetSet can help deliver.

Pupils need to be stretched and acquire ‘the attributes that employers value’

With its focus on teamworking and the opportunity to receive feedback from peers, GetSet promotes greater self-understanding. It encourages students to be open-minded about others’ views of their contributions, and helps students build their strengths from their school and college careers into attributes that can make for a happy and successful career.

Workplaces, Universities & Schools should encourage the youth / students to “develop their decision-making, team building and problem solving skills”

GetSet focuses on the contributions an individual can make to a team, including collating feedback from their peers on how they feel the individual works best in a group setting. Learning about the nine Belbin Team Roles makes students aware of what others have to offer and how they can work productively with those whose styles are different to their own.

Workplaces, Universities & Schools should help the youth / students “gain the confidence to compete in the labour market by providing opportunities to gain the […] attributes that are relevant for employment.” 

GetSet helps students establish a “professional identity” which builds on the strengths they’ve shown at school, college or university and translates these into real-world contributions. Armed with knowledge of how they work best, and a language to describe those styles, students can present themselves in a professional manner. With the language of Belbin used by professionals all over the world, GetSet can also assist employers in identifying where someone might best fit in their team or organisation, leading to greater recognition and engagement at work.

Download the SAMPLE profile here!
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